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Frequently Asked Questions
What is 'Bleed' and how do I use it?
Bleed is the extra space around the outside of your printed area. Any images on the edge of your flyer, should 'bleed' off the page; please use a 3mm bleed for all flyers. So in effect make your canvas 3mm bigger in every direction, but view this space as unusuable area. (Use our Download Templates if you are unsure)

What is an advisable working area within the flyer?
Flyers always look better when you keep the text away from the edge, 5-10mm is normally fine. (Use our Download Templates if you are unsure)

What resolution should I supply files at?
File resolution must be 300 dpi. No more, no less! This is the optimum setting for our printers and anything higher or lower than 300dpi will just slow things down. (Use our Download Templates if you are unsure)

RGB or CMYK... which is correct?
We print using CMYK techniques so if you dont supply us with CMYK images we have to convert them to CMYK, this results in a colour shift, and your prints will appear slightly duller. If you are unsure how to create CMYK files, use our Download Templates as a guide.

What software can I use to create my files?
You can use whatever software you like to create your files, all we ask is that you supply them to us in Compressed TIFF, PDF or High Quality JPEG file in CMYK at 300dpi. For the best results use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Make sure the files adhere to the guidelines listed above! (Use our Download Templates if you are unsure)

How do I get my artwork to you?
The reason we offer such good prices is because we operate in a very streamlined way. So we have one way of sending in artwork. Through the internet. Email your order manually to or use our online ordering system. (online orders are processed faster than ordering manually). Be sure to include your delivery details and contact numbers... so many people forget! :)

Why is paying with PayPal a little more expensive?
PayPal fees are additional and are paid directly to PayPal Europe. It is their commision for processing your card details & checking for fraud in the most secure manner. If you do not wish to pay using PayPal we can accept cheque or direct bank transfer. Direct Bank Transfer (BACS, CHAPS or telephone banking) is fast becoming the most popular way to pay. It is 100% secure from our point of view. Most payments using this show up instantly in the account which speeds up your printing too. Please remember that some banks can take up to 3 days for Direct Bank Transfer and up to 10 days for Cheques. This is not the norm, but it can happen.

Why do I have to wait longer if I pay with Cheque?
We need to wait for the confirmation that your cheque has cleared from the Bank, once we have received that, we can start to process your order... SO PLAN AHEAD! Please add around 7-10 days in to your order schedule if you wish to pay with Cheque.

Why do you require money up front?
Because some people take ages to pay! We used to offer credit but we found that once we had delivered customers their work, their level of urgency to pay us dropped...and waiting to be paid is not nice! So if we dont even touch the job till we get payment it means we can offer a better service to those who are serious about their work.

Why are your flyers so cheap? Are you low quality printers?
We offer a top quality print quality on the best stock using the best inks and presses. The way we can acheive such a good price is because on every flyer we print we add (in tiny writing!) "printed by". This way every flyer that is distributed can act as a small advert for us, helping us keep our advertising costs down and passing the saving on to you! This is only valid for flyers & posters. We do not add this text to any other forms of printing, ie. Letterheads, business cards etc. If you have any questions please contact us.

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